70mm Film Festival Announced

Film is back!
To coincide with the launch of Murder on the Orient Express on 70mm, the Sun Theatre is hosting a whole week of 7 films on glorious 70mm.

Last year’s The Hateful Eight on 70mm added a spark to the kindling that is the 70mm film revival. Going on to be the most successful film in the Sun Theatre’s history, and still screening, now in its 21st month. Dunkirk has been another success and audience favourite, while a brand-new print was recently struck of what we think is the greatest 70mm epic of all time, Lawrence of Arabia.

The festival will feature films new and old, classics and cult. Old style presentation is back at the sun too, with every film introduced, film programmes and intermissions on the longer films. We even have a festival pass; see all 7 films for only $100.00, or purchase individually. All these details and more on our website, www.suntheatre.com.au/70mm.

Films screening as part of the festival are….

The Right Stuff [M 193’]

Friday November 3rd: 8:00pm Monday November 6th: 3:15pm

Dunkirk [M 106’]

Saturday November 4th: 6:30pm Sunday November 5th: 4:30pm

The Hateful Eight [R18+ 167’]

Wednesday November 8th: 8:00pm

Pink Floyd – The Wall [M 95’]

Saturday November 4th: 8:45pm Monday November 6th: 7:15pm

Lawrence of Arabia [PG 237’]

Sunday November 5th: 6:50pm Tuesday November 7th: 4:30pm

Hamlet [PG 124’]

Saturday November 4th: 2:00pm

Murder on The Orient Express [CTC 108’]

Thursday November 9th: 10:30am, 12:50pm, 4:15pm, 6:45pm & 9:10pm

Tickets and information available at www.suntheatre.com.au/70mm