NARCOS Season 3 Home Entertainment Dates Announced

Defiant Screen Entertainment is proud to launch the acclaimed third season of NARCOSon Blu-ray and DVD.

The rules have changed in the aftermath of the bloody hunt for Pablo Escobar and now the DEA turns its attention to his successors. With Escobar out of the way, business is booming for the Cali Cartel who, on their way to becoming the biggest cocaine trafficker in history, expand operations inside America’s borders and invite dangerous new partners into the business. At his peak Escobar earned $4 billion. The Cali Cartel made $15 billion. But when Cali Godfather Gilberto Rodriguez announces a plan to exit all illegal activity and go legitimate, not everybody is happy.  Meanwhile, Agent Pena continues his fight against the drug trade and plans to bring down Cali before they can escape via a controversial deal they’ve negotiated with the Colombian Government.

When asked about his role in Season Three, Pedro Pascal (Agent Pena) said: “I think Season Three is very different for the surviving characters involved. You cut the head off a snake… three more appear, in this case four… and their teeth are sharper. The most dangerous thing about the Cali Cartel is how insidious their operation is. They have the entire city under surveillance and it makes them seem almost unfightable. That’s an exciting thing in terms of the way the season will unfold, because anything can happen.”

Showrunner and Executive Producer Eric Newman commented: “The manhunt for Pablo Escobar, his death, didn’t affect the flow of cocaine one iota. Cali Godfather Gilberto Rodriguez is a smiling cobra. He may seem charming and he is, but he is just as vicious as Pablo… in some ways more so.”

So, while Pablo’s journey has ended, Narcos isn’t going anywhere. Some things are unstoppable, and the blow must go on.

NARCOS Season Three launches on Blu-ray and DVD
Wednesday August 29th, 2018