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Alec Baldwin – The Boss Baby

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Interview with ALEC BALWHIN about “THE BOSS BABY”

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One of the strangest films to come out of Hollywood in quite a while has to be the animated film – The Boss Baby. One look at the trailer and you can easily see that the film is outrageously funny but when you realise that screen legend Alec Baldwin is technically voicing a baby then you could be excused for thinking ‘what am I in for here?’

Of course strange is never something that should hold back cinema and it was little wonder that The Boss Baby managed to knock Beauty And The Beast off the number one spot at the box office in its first weekend of screening in the United States. With that little feat behind it the cast were only too happy to spill the beans about everything that you need to know about The Boss Baby.

“My character is an executive at a corporation called Baby Corp,” explains Baldwin. “He’s then sent to spy on people and to find out what people want – what parents want. It’s kind of market research really. I suppose it is really industrial espionage. So he goes into this home to get information for his company and the trick is that he is a baby – he’s an industrial spy, he’s a market researcher, he’s a visionary, he’s a businessman, he’s an MBA… and I could keep going because he is so many things… in the body of a baby. But he goes into this house to get information for his bosses at Baby Corp.”

With the crazy premise aside the main story behind The Boss Baby is a unique way to look at the relationship between an older brother (Tim) and the new baby in the household and Baldwin says he believes the film does it really well. “Tim is in this house,” he says. “And in that house it is Tim time all the time – because it is just Tim, and then along comes the boss baby and he’s not just a baby he is your worst nightmare of a baby. He’s a clever baby, he’s a conniving baby, but the film wouldn’t work if Tim wasn’t smart to so we had to make the Tim character pretty smart to but with a heart of gold. We didn’t want to lose that because he really is a little boy. So the interaction between them is a very big part of the story.”

With such an amazing body of work behind him a lot of people out there were wondering why Baldwin was attracted to such an unusual role but he says it was a very easy decision to make when he decided to take it. “I loved it because it is just so nuts,” he says smiling. “The idea is just so silly but Tom (the director – Tom McGrath) is just so clever that I knew that he could pull it off. And the film has this amazing heart when I become won over by the thought of being part of the family.”

The other big part of this film is the stars and Baldwin says he was pleased to be part of such an amazing cast. “The back drop of this film is family and you have Lisa Kudrow voicing the Mum and Jimmy Kimmel voicing the Dad and then there is Miles Bakshi the grandson of the famous Ralph Bakshi the illustrator, and my nemesis is Steve Buscemi who plays Francis Frances. Naturally it is going to be crazy and there a lot of crazy scenes and wild action because with an animation you can do anything.”

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Baldwin says he also believes that animated films have also changed over the years. “I think with animations now in regards to the pyschelogics of the characters they make the animated characters more like actors and they behave like them and exude like them. They shoot us reading the lines and they use this computer thing so the boss baby character will do all the things that I would do and perhaps he even does it better!”

Another big name actor in the cast of The Boss Baby is the man that a generation of people know as Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire who also says he enjoyed his time on the wacky comedy. “I play the adult version of Tim Templeton,” he explains. “Originally Tim is a happy seven-year-old child with two parents – he’s an only child and then his parents have a baby and he knows that he is going to have a little brother but he is not happy that he is going to have to share the love of his parents. And then when the baby arrives he is suspicious and discovers that he is a little boss baby, a little man, who has an agenda and he wants to expose him.”

Like Baldwin Maguire admits one of the things that attracted him to The Boss Baby was getting to work with director Tom McGrath a man who is known for helming animations such as Megamind and most of the films in the Madagascar franchise. “Tom is great,” says Maguire. “He is very easy to work with but I admire his creativity and the fact that he is imaginative. He is so funny and I think that he has found such a great tone for this movie. It’s a funny movie and it is relatable. It’s a relatable in a real world way even though it’s told through fantasy – through a really fun idea that is essentially Alec Baldwin being a boss baby which is a blast!!!”

The Boss Baby is in cinemas now and is reviewed at

Written by Dave Griffiths

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