Subculture: The Podcast Ep #001

The boffins here at Subculture Entertainment (well Dave and Harley really) have been working on a new radio show and podcast and this morning the first episode went to air. Subculture: The Podcast says the pair take a look at all things pop culture. This morning they looked at the lockdown stoush that has erupted between […]

SHEBORG MASSACRE – Daniel Armstrong Interview

One of the great initiates that has started up during our pandemic lockdown is that Monster Pictures have re-started their Friday Night Frights but are doing it online. The film screening tonight is the deserved Australian cult classic SheBorg Massacre. We decided that was the perfect excuse to catch up with filmmaker Daniel Armstrong who […]

COME TO DADDY – Ant Timpson Interview

It is like a match made in heaven. One of the world’s most exciting cult filmmakers teaming up with one of Hollywood’s most under-rated leading men to make a film that is guaranteed to become a cult classic. For Ant Timpson the last few years has seen him re-invigorate the cult film scene working as […]

Subculture Ep #070: AGE OF CROWNS

In this episode of Subculture we chat to David Meadows about the Age Of Crowns Shakespearean play readings currently before performed by the International Actors Ensemble and Circle In The Sand while we are in lockdown.

A NUN’S CURSE – Felissa Rose Interview

Actress Felissa Rose is no newcomer to the horror genre. The talented actress has over 100 film credits to her name, with a lot of them centred in a genre that she obviously loves. Brand new horror film A Nun’s Curse does get to see Rose play a psychopathic nun for the first time and […]

BLOODSHOT – Vin Diesel Interview

One of the films that was most impacted by the Covid-19 closure of cinemas worldwide has been the new action thriller Bloodshot. The film was expected to be one of the biggest earners at the box office in 2020 but when the cinemas closed only days after it opened its earning were severely impacted to […]

USE ME – Julain Shaw Interview

The mockumentary seems to be a long lost art form. For awhile they were a popular choice for filmmakers wanting to experiment a little with comedy. Films like Kenny made a big splash but now filmmaker Julian Shaw has just delivered a very ambitious project indeed. See Use Me is a mockumentary but it doesn’t […]

UNDERTOW- Laura Gordon Interview

Few films that you see this year will match the power that comes from new Australian drama Undertow. The feature film debut for director Miranda Nation tells the powerful story of a young woman named Claire in the aftermath of her losing her baby. During this time she finds herself questioning the relationship between her […]

Subculture Ep #069: THE BRIDE

In this episode of Subculture we chat to Nadia Collins about her Melbourne International Comedy Festival show The Bride.

ESCAPE AND EVASION – Storm Atwood Interview

Australian filmmaker Storm Ashwood is quickly becoming a director that the world is sitting up and taking notice off. His 2018 horror film The School was an eerie film that Del Toro would have been proud of and now Ashwood returns with the hard-hitting dramatic war thriller Escape And Evasion. In one sense Escape And […]

Subculture Ep #067: MAKE IT RAIN (Follow Up)

In this episode of Subculture Dave Griffiths chats to Sophie DeLightful to find out the troubles facing the Make It Rain Festival which is being held to raise money for the victims of Australia’s bushfires.

THE INVISIBLE MAN – Leigh Whannell Interview

There is no disputing that director/screenwriter Leigh Whannell is one of the kings of modern day horror. The Australian was the writer behind both the Saw and Insidious franchises while in recent years he has also sat in the director’s chair for films like Insidious: Chapter 3 and the under-appreciated Upgrade. Now Whannell returns as […]

GUNS AKIMBO – Jason Lei Howden Interview

After working in the visual effects department on massive blockbuster movies like Avengers and The Hobbitt filmmaker Jason Lei Howden went out on his own in 2015 and made the cult classic action horror film Deathgasm. The film became a fan favourite at festivals right around the world and now Howden returns with his latest […]