Alyssa Kempinski and Brendan Steere interview about THE VELOCIPASTOR


If you love cult cinema then get out there and purchase one of the most insane cult films that you are likely to see this year – The VelociPastor. Yes, this is a man of the cloth who can turn into a dinosaur and fight all matter of evil – including ninjas.

HEAVY Cinema was recently luckily enough to be able to sit down and chat to director Brendan Steere and one of the film’s stars – Alyssa Kempinski to find out a little more about this film that is destined to become a cult classic.

“Thank you so much for saying this is going to become a cult classic – that has always been an aspiration of mine,” says Kempinski laughing as the New York City soundscape happens behind her. “Brendan and I met through college friends and he was looking to fill a spot for his first feature, I fit the bill and thus begun our friendship. But honestly it was just a bunch of scrappy young kids in New York City making movies and collaborating with each other.”

“So when he came to me with this script and this ridiculous character I honestly didn’t question him at all,” she goes on to say as the discussion turns to how she become involved with this film – The VelociPastor. “I already had such a creative trust in him and I mean this time they were offering me money to be an actor and I was like ‘oh my gosh’ because that was whole new thing for me. It is so crazy just how much has changed since we filmed the movie and the movie has come out and got the credit that it has over the past few years.”


You can listen to our full interview with Alyssa Kempinksi and Brendan Steere on the Podcast above.


The VelociPastor is out on DVD and VOD now.