Amy Schumer – Snatched


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There is very little doubt that Amy Schumer is the hottest name in comedy at the moment. Countless comedy specials and appearances on talk shows right around the world have made her the stand-up comedian that has everybody laughing. When her feature film Trainwreck not only won over audiences but had critics raving about her style of comedy there was little surprise that the film offers came flooding in.

To her credit though Schumer held off jumping into ‘just another’ film and has waited for the right script to come along for her. That script as it turns out is the new ‘road-comedy’ Snatched by director Jonathan Levine, whose films credits include black-cancer-comedy 50/50 and the well received zombie romance Warm Bodies. Snatched also sees the return of comedy legend Goldie Hawn to the big screen after a fifteen year absence.

Talking from the set Schumer admits that Hawn’s involvement in the film was a major reason that she wanted to do it. “Goldie Hawn has been my hero, I have loved her, my whole life,” Schumer says smiling. “She has made me laugh probably more than anyone and I only ever saw her in this movie. When we were re-writing it it was always her we were picturing. I never took my eyes off Goldie for this movie and I was like ‘this is happening’ and you know what it was destiny. I actually stopped her in an airport and I was like ‘I really want to do this movie with you’ and she was like ‘that’s okay, honey.’ She had no idea who I was but I was like ‘we’re going to be talking about this in a couple of years… this is happening… I can see it.”

For Schumer this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with her childhood hero. While Schumer is an actress on the rise Hawn hadn’t been seen on the big screen since 2002’s The Banger Sisters. That was something though that Schumer says never entered her mind. “I hadn’t thought about this being her return to film, probably not as much as I should,” she admits.”I probably should take it as more of a compliment because you know she isn’t coming back unless it’s something good and it’s something funny. So her choosing this project and saying yes I feel really honoured that she trusted me, but I feel no personal pressure because she just brought it so hard. And I’m really excited because it’s going to be so much fun to sit down with her and watch this movie with her. And it will be like ‘see how much fun we had making this movie, thanks for not having me arrested in that airport.”

One of the other co-stars that Schumer shares the screen with in Snatched is the man who plays her love interest, actor Tom Bateman who recently played Jekyll in the small screen adaption of Jekyll & Hyde. “Tom Batman is so perfect for that role,” explains Schumer. “In fact he was even better then we expected for the role. He such a beautiful man but he also has this mischievous side to him where you think maybe he is capable of something like this. He also has that mysertious accent and the tan so for my character he is a little bit of a figment of her imagination… almost too good to be true.”

When asked what Schumer wants the audience to take away from Snatched she says she wants it to be a physical experience for them. “I want them to laugh,” she says laughing herself. “I want the audience to watch these two characters go on this crazy adventure and go through the adventure with them. I think a lot of people will really relate to these characters and this is what would happen if you went on a vacation and was kidnapped and chased. So, I really want people to ride that wave of the adventure of it and the scariness of it but I want them laughing the whole time and then to cheer at the end. I want them to leave happier for the whole week.”

Snatched is in cinemas right now.

Written by Dave Griffiths