For fans of hit television series The 100 one of the most interesting character arcs has centred around young engineer Monty Green. Portrayed by Christopher Larkin Monty has always been loyal to fearless leader Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) even if that has placed his life in danger. Over recent seasons though Monty has found himself involved in some of the shows’ more meaty storylines. He was responsible for what some described as genocide – which led a falling out with his best friend Jasper (Devon Bostick).

Since then Monty has also had to deal with Jasper’s suicide, the fact that he killed his own mother, falling in love for the first time and the small issue of the fact that it looks like himself and everybody around him is going to die of radiation poisoning. There is never a dull second on The 100 but Larkin did recently take some time out to chat to HEAVY Mag before his arrival in Melbourne for Oz Comic Con.

As the two of reminisce about the early days of The 100 Larkin admits that his audition process for the show was an interesting one. “Well I was in Hawaii for a wedding when I first got the audition,” he says. “I’m terribly afraid of flying so I had to make a self-tape which a lot of actors do these days. You make it on your iPhone, you get sent the scripts and you have to make a video and send it into casting and it shown to the producers and potentially the directors and writers and they may cast you. So I decided to make a self-tape when I got back to Los Angeles but because I am afraid of flying I got a red eye flight back and had not sleep at all and when i made the tape I was so nervous and jet-lagged that I wrote my own lines, I had this page of written lines, I was eating chips throughout and I wore these weird glasses. I think it was just a weird enough tape that casting took a look at it and passed it on, and that was essentially what got me the job –a very weird tape that I would never have made if it hadn’t been so sleep deprived.”

Like all good sci-fi shows you can never really tell what is going to happen on The 100 next and Larkin said it is the same for the cast. “There is a running joke on the show that whenever a new script comes in you flick to the end and see if you are still alive,” he says and you can tell that he isn’t joking. “That was just a thing that we did but it is always neve-wrecking when a new script comes out, but I have heard that the show’s creator Jason Rothenberg will give you a call if your character is about to be axed, you just get a call saying ‘hey this is happening just so you know so you don’t get a shock or a surprise.’ I guess the biggest surprise for me was, and I don’t know if you know this but Jasper was supposed to die in the Season 3 finale he goes off and shoots himself in the head and we even filmed that, but as they were cutting it together they decided that it was far too dark and they didn’t want to end the season that way so they brought Devon back and we re-filmed his death in Season Four which of course is now the one that everybody knows, and I am so thankful for that because it gave the opportunity for Monty and Jasper to have the dialogue to say goodbye rather than Jasper just dying with no reconciliation at all… that was a good one.”


Christopher Larkin will be attending this year’s Oz Comic Con in Melbourne which is being held in Melbourne on 9-10 June. Tickets can be purchased here.