Contents – Digi-Mag #26

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HEAVY Digi-Magazine Issue #26

We’ve made some BIG changes to the structure of the digi-magazines.

All digi-mags are now FREE! Anyone can browse and share each and all of the pages from now on. We have also added each of the printed issues of HEAVY Magazine in PDF format which you can browse and read at your leisure.

We have listened to your feedback about the navigation system, so we got to work and redesigned the way you go from page to page. You now can simply scroll down to the next article without having to click, OR you can use the quick menu which is located between each article; there’s a drop-down menu for each of the articles. We think you will find navigating the magazine much easier now.

Issue #26 is primarily a progressive rock and power metal themed issue. We’ve got an exclusive with James Labrie of Dream Theater, Warrant, Royal Hunt, Edguy, Blind Guardian, CKY and a few more in that vein.

As usual, we also interviewed some big names in the world of film. We spoke to Sir Anthony Hopkins & Mark Wahlberg about Transformers: The Last Knight; Robert Downey Jr & Tom Holland about Spider-Man: Homecoming; Woody Harrelson & Andy Serkis about the War for the Planet of the Apes.

We’ve also added some features which we usually post on the website. We are going to be adding more and more monthly regulars to the digi-mag from now on. This month we’re starting with: Geeks In Metal, In The Spotlight, Chthonic Thoughts, HEAVY Roots, HEAVY Games & HEAVY Gear.

And… we are also announcing our brand new baby, HEAVY Radio. From now on you can tune into HEAVY Playlists, HEAVY Shows & HEAVY Podcasts including music and interviews.

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For a long time family films were a dull, boring affair that seemed at times to not even work for kids. Sure you had those that marked a generation like Frozen but...


Stan has today released the official trailer for the brand new event series Your Honor,  starring Oscar nominee and Emmy, Golden Globe®, Screen Actors Guild® and Tony® Award winner Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad). BAFTA winner Peter Moffat (The Night Of, Undercover)...


Australia’s premier genre film festival, MONSTER FEST, is excited to welcome the world’s premium genre film streaming service, SHUDDER, onboard as an official sponsor of 2020: MONSTER FEST. MONSTER FEST is also pleased to reveal that...

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