Diana Nguyen interview about “PHI AND ME”


When it has come to web series Australia has led the way for awhile now. Not only has Australia produced an abundance of shows – they have also been of high quality. Now Australia leads the way again with Phi And Me – the first Vietnamese/Australian comedy series.

To find out about this sensational new web series that is about to launch HEAVY Mag sat down and chatted to one of the stars of the new show – Diana Nguyen – who also created the show as well.

Phi And Me is based on an Melbourne International Comedy Festival show from 2011,” says Nguyen when we ask were the basis of the program came from. “It is the first Vietnamese/Autralian comedy series in the world. So we are stamping all over the firsts and popping cherries for all the Vietnamese. Essentially the story is all about a mother’s love for her daughter so there is going to be a lot of tough love in this show.”

“So I’ve been an actor for fourteen years,” she continues. “In 2010 I went to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and by then I was doing small parts in television shows and also theatre – pretty much all stereotypical roles. And I remember going to see Felecity Ward perform at the comedy festival and I remember sitting in the back row watching her and going ‘oh my gosh she is funny and she is just telling stories’ and I thought ‘oh my God I’ve got stories about my Mum, I need to write and perform that.’ So I went to my best friend since High Schoo and I said we need to register for the 2011 Comedy Festival and talk about growing up with our Vietnamese Mums. And that is what happened – we registered, we wrote the script with our drama teacher and in 2011 we performed to sold out shows and got four and a half stars from the Herald Sun. I think we were proving that Vietnamese people could be funny as well.”


You can listen to our full Diana Nguyen interview on Spotify.

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