Director Eduardo Castrillo interview about THE PINING


Independent filmmaker Eduardo Castrillo is certainly beginning to make a name for himself in the world of cinema. With movies like The Last Wolf Of Ezo, Hunting Season and On The Court getting good receptions from both fans and critics alike Castrillo has now turned his attention to the supernatural thriller genre with his latest film The Pining.

“You know The Pining just originally started with me having the idea of the photographer and the wheelchair and the model,” says Castrillo as we start to talk about where the idea of the film came from. “Then I started to build the dialogue and the relationship between them. In my head I was imagining the studio and it was kind of this dark and dreary studio and that was when the supernatural aspect started to come through. Then I just started to add more and more and I began to have fun with it. Once you go into the supernatural paranormal type genre you can expand and do whatever your imagination creates.”

Talking about being able to let your imagination go wild leads me to ask how you can ground a film like this where it mixes a supernatural element with a real to life Police case. “I think a lot of that came back to the cinematography,” explains Castrillo. “The way my cinematographer lit and placed the camera he really went for a detective drama, Law & Order, CSI type feel, especially when we are inside the station or inside the jail. It wasn’t extravagant or anything like that, it was really grounded as far as it looked… especially in those scenes.”


You can listen to our full interview with Eduardo Castrillo on the podcast above.


The Pining is now available on Amazon Prime.