I’M NOT IN LOVE To Get Digital Release

Central City Media is excited to share the new poster and trailer for their new rom-com I’m Not In Love, which will be available to rent and buy on all major digital platforms from 12th April.
The film follows Rob (Al Weaver), in his late thirties, who needs to decide if he wants to have a baby with his girlfriend Marta (Cristina Catalina), but he’s worried that he’s fallen out of love with her. He asks his seemingly unhappily married friends for advice. They all tell him that he won’t be able to do better so he might as well marry her; over the course of two weeks his friend Chris (Morgan Watkins) tries to set him up on a date, he meets up with the woman he thought was the great love of his life, he tries to get to grips with the idea of “settling”, and attempts to resolve his issues. But when Rob eventually does propose to Marta, things don’t go exactly to plan.
I’m Not In Love also stars British sitcom treasure Tessa Peake-Jones (Only Fools and Horses) and Sinead Matthews (The Crown, Jellyfish).
Director, Col Spector on selecting a terrifically British cast: “With the script in place I set out to make the film using some of my favourite British character actors including the wonderful Al Weaver (Colette, Peterloo) in the lead role (who I’d made two films with before and was the inspiration when writing the script); Cristina Catalina (who made me cry when I first auditioned her); Tessa Peake-Jones (most famously Raquel in Only Fools and Horses and who has the most hilarious chemistry with Al Weaver), James Lance (who I’d desperately wanted to work with for years after seeing him in Sensitive Skin and The Book Group).
John Henshaw (probably my favourite British character actor. Early Doors is the only British sitcom I know that can make you both laugh and cry), Rosalind Eleazar (brilliant in The Personal History of David Copperfield); Sinead Matthews (one of Mike Leigh’s go-to actors – for good reason); Sunil Patel (I don’t think he’s performed scripted drama before – but what a star); Gabrielle Creevy (stunning in the BBC’s In My Skin). I could go on.”
I’m Not In Love will be available on
Digital to rent & buy from 12th April