MEGA APE Trailer Released


From the studio that brought you Amityville in Space, The Amazing Bulk, Sharkenstein, Jurassic Shark and Sharkula, MEGA APE pounds the pavement this September!

A team of animal rights activists unknowingly release a genetically engineered ape from a top secret research facility, who soon grows to enormous size and embarks on a rampage of total destruction in Hollywood.

Featuring Jonathan Nation (Circus Kane, Apex Predators), The Crow’s Bai Ling, legendary movie heavy Mel Novak (Game of Death, Samurai Cop 2), and the late Tom Sizemore (Heat, “Twin Peaks”) in one of his final roles, the fast and furious profusion of sci-fi and thrills premieres on DVD and Digital September 12 from Wild Eye Releasing.

Directed by Dustin Ferguson (Apex Predators), and also starring Vida Ghaffari (Apex Predators), Erik Anthony Russo (Cocaine Cougar), and Traci Burr (Space Sharks), Mega Ape is the BIGGEST release of the fall!