New A WRITER’S ODYSSEY Clip Released


CMC Pictures has released a new clip from fantasy action film A WRITER’S ODYSSEY to celebrate the exciting news that the film will be playing in the San Francisco Bay Area starting today, February 26 and in select New York City theaters beginning next Friday, March 5. The clip showcases the film’s special effects and dark fantasy world. After a climactic battle, the Black Armor prepares to attack a child – until Kongwen Lu (Dong Zijian, ASH IS PUREST WHITE) discovers his power to control it.

A WRITER’S ODYSSEY tells the story of Kongwen Luthe author of a fantasy novel series following a heroic teenager on a quest to confront Redmane. Through a strange twist of fate, the fantasy world of the novel begins to impact life in the real world, leading Guan Ning (Lei Jiayin, THE LONGEST DAY IN CHANG’AN, BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES), to accept a mission to kill the author. A WRITER’S ODYSSEY is directed by Lu Yang (BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES) and also stars Yang Mi, Yu Hewei, Guo Jingfei and Tong Liya.
A WRITER’S ODYSSEY is out now in theaters and at the Vineland Drive-In in Los Angeles, CA and West Wind Drive-In in San Jose, CA, including newly opened theaters in the San Francisco Bay Area. The film will open in select New York City theaters beginning March 5, 2021.
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