Sarah Anne talks OZ COMIC-CON

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One of the most exciting elements of an event like Oz Comic-Con is the amount of Cosplayers that you now see. From the competition side of things through to array of people who now chose to attend the con dressed as their favourite pop-culture character… it is now one of the biggest parts of Oz Comic-Con itself. Recently HEAVY Mag caught up with Cosplayer Sarah Anne to find out a little more about the art of Cosplay itself and what it takes to become an expert Cosplayer.

“The word cosplay itself is a mix of costume and play,” explains Sarah Anne when I ask her to explain to everbody what Cosplay is. “So basically what I interpret as is you create a character or you find a character that you absolutely love and then you decide to dress up and even embody the character. So, I myself, I cosplay as a number of different Disney Princesses or Harley Quinn or different heroes. It’s really awesome because you get to finally be the character that you have always dreamed of being since you were a little kid.”

“I’ve always been a fan of pop cuture,” explains Sarah Anne as she talks about how she first got involved with pop culture. “I grew up in a household where I was surrounded by things like a lifesize Gollum, an R2D2 and playing with a Face Hugger when I was little, so I have always been surrounded by this pop culture element. I guess also just watching TV and movies I always wanted to be those characters so for Book Week at school I would make little costumes… or for Halloween. But it wasn’t until I went to a local con and decided to dress up back in 2015… yeah I have been doing this for four years now… that I just absolutely fell in love with it. As soon as I went to the con it was amazing.”


You can hear our full interview with Sarah Anne on Spotify.


All the details for Oz Comic-Con can be found on this page.




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