Captain Marvel

The Popcorn Conspiracy Ep #023: CAPTAIN MARVEL and exploring ENDGAME

In this episode of The Popcorn Conspiracy Dave Griffiths and Kyle McGrath take an in-depth at look at how Captain Marvel fits into the world of…

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[imdb style=”transparent”]tt4154664[/imdb] Well, Marvel has finally gone and done it – they’ve made a movie where the main character is…

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Samuel L Jackson and Brie Larson interview about “CAPTAIN MARVEL”

"it is possible for girls to do incredible things – we can go toe-to-toe with the boys."

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Trailer for “CAPTAIN MARVEL”

Marvel have just released a brand new clip from their new epic blockbuster – Captain Marvel. Directed by Anna Boden (Sugar, It’s Kind Of…

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Trailer for “SUPERBOWL”

One of the highlights of the NFL Superbowl is all the movie trailers that land during the broadcast. HEAVY Mag will be working hard…

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