FILM REVIEW: Dark Waters

TITLE: Dark Waters DIRECTOR: Todd Haynes SCREENWRITER: Mario Correa, Matthew Michael Carnahan STARS: Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway RUNTIME: 126 minutes CINEMATIC RELEASE DATES: Australia (5th March 2020), Thailand (TBA), UK (28th February 2020), USA (6th December 2019) HOME ENTERTAINMENT RELEASE DATES: TBA CLASSIFICATIONS: Australia (MA), Thailand (TBC), UK (12A), USA (PG-13) REVIEW: Few films will have the impact on their audience that Dark […]

DARK WATERS Trailer Released

The trailer for new biopic Dark Waters has just landed. The film is directed by Todd Haynes and stars Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins, Bill Camp, Victor Garber, Mare Winningham, William Jackson Harper and Bill Pullman. It will be released in Australian cinemas on January 30th.

Film Review: Avengers: Infinity War

The lead up to Avengers: Infinity War hitting cinemas has been a weird one. The fact that this should be one of the most anticipated comic book in several years has largely been overshadowed by celebrities bemoaning the fact that there have been too many comic book movies recently. The fact that some used the word […]

DVD Review: Thor: Ragnarok

It’s never a pleasant experience when you are at the cinema, and you start shaking your head at the film that you are watching. Sadly, it was only a few moments into Thor: Ragnarok when I found myself doing it. I was watching what was supposed to be an intense scene: our muscle-bound hero, Thor (Chris […]