Vince Lozano talks ACTS OF DESPERATION

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For actor Vince Lozano his work on new thriller Acts Of Desperation is more than just another role in his career that his seen him appear in movies like Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl. This instead was a work of passion that also saw him take up the role of producer on the film.

“My producing partner Richard Friedman, who also directed the film, he found the script on a website, he read it and then gave me a call,” says Lozano as he chats to HEAVY Mag about how he became involved with the film. “He told me that the script was really good but that it was long. So I got the script and then I read it and I was like ‘wow it is 159 pages… it is long… really long, but it is really good.’ So we thought if we optioned the script then maybe the writer could edit the script down to the point where we could get a budget that was comfortable. So we met with the writer and he agreed to do a re-write… that was how I got involved with the script and the movie.”

“Whenever I produce with Richard, and I think we have done three or four movies now, I always have to be in it to because acting is my passion,” he says when we start to talk about his role in the film. “I’m always looking for a role that I normally don’t get to play out, so I was looking through this and thinking ‘what role could I play here?’ And that is why I decided to play Floyd because I never get to play the naive knucklehead… the almost comedic relief in a film. That it how it came to be.”


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