WYNONNA EARP – Dominique Provost-Chalkley Interview


Fans of the hit sci-fi series Wynonna Earp are in for a treat at Oz Comic-Con in Brisbane and Sydney with one of the stars of the show Dominique Provost-Chalkley making the trip across to be one of this year’s key guests. Provost-Chalkley has made a name for herself in the show playing the tough little sister of Wynonna and has quickly become a fan favourite.

When HEAVY Cinema sat down to chat with her at the convention in Brisbane she was stealing the affects of the flight. “I am so excited and I am just starting to realise that I am actually in Australia,” she says with a laugh. “I do have family in Perth but I have never actually set foot in Australia before…so this is the first time…. which is incredibly exciting.”

“The first convention we did was San Diego Comic Con,” she says when I ask her what her baptism of fire was when it comes to conventions. “Which of all the conventions you can do is the biggest… so that was a bit overwhelming. It’s huge and has so many different layers and parts to it. But more than anything it was just incredible to finally be able to meet the fans of our TV show which without a doubt are some of the most exceptional human beings on the planet, so that is when the journey really began.”

That leads me to ask if that was the moment when she realised just how popular Wynonna Earp had become. “Absolutely,” she exclaims. “We were busy making a show as good as we could, all behind-the-scenes. But you never really expect for it to be a success. You don’t really thing about the other side, but then of course when you meet the fan base I really began to realise just how much passion these people had for the show which is really just a bonus… a gift after all the hard work that we put into the show.”


Take a listen to the full audio interview and you will hear how Dominique prepared to play Waverley Earp and what it was like for her working on Avengers: Age Of Ultron.


Dominique will be at Oz Comic Con Brisbane and Sydney… all details below.